Item Number Mushroom
Product Name pine Mushroom
Description The effects of pine mushroom
pine mushroom is high protein diet food with low-calorie which is famous for its unique flavor and taste.
Ii is healthy foods rich in vitamin B and it contains a large amount of guanylate, due to its unique aroma and flavor, stellar clusters, it by lowering blood cholesterol and hypertension, arteriosclerosis, , and modern
Pine mushrooms are also effective in preventing high blood pressure, heart disease, and adult disease, especially for cancer.
Specification mushrooms will be developed for processing foods with brand because it is hard to preserve for long periods.
So we have build up new factory for farm of pine Mushroom and Automatics Growing System for pine Mushroom.
Currently, pine mushroom is...
pine mushroom is produced in ever year from mid-September until the end of October .
Since 1970, According to the "notice on the pine mushroom including usage of mushrooms" by Korea Forest Service ; domestic market was prohibited for 36 years because it was the main item of acquiring foreign currency.
But the regulation of pine mushroom is repealed from 2007.

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