Item Number Korea Nano Mask
Product Name Korea NANO MASK
Description Air-Queen NanoMask

Close and comfortable facial fit due to the ergonomic design

It has a structure that a chieves a perfect facial fit from the nose to the chin
and boasts a high level of stability that enables comfort able breathing
Specification ¡°Existing masks make it hard to breathebecause they are too thick¡±
The next generation¡¯s novel material,
the Nano Membrane that which air can pass through
Difference between the Nanofiber filter and a regular filter!

Existing static filter - The existing static filter makes dust adhere to the fiber from static
Static loses its filtering effect drastically when moisture comes in through
respiration or from the outside environment.

Our Nano filter - Air Queen¡¯s fine nanofiber structure net filtering method
The nanofiber filter, as opposed to static, maintains its efficacy for 24 hours even with moisture exposure.
Safety Approval
A perfect and comfortable fit for anyone, thanks to the ergonomic design!
Nanofiber Filter
High-Elastic Ear Bands
Maintains the initial elasticity even when worn for a long time
Functional Nose Support
Close fit, prevents fogging
UV Blocking
Prevents 90% or more of UV rays
Threefold 3D design
Envelops the chin area, making it even more comfortable
At 4.38g, it can be worn comfortably and lightly all day long

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