Item Number 001
Product Name Wood Pellets
Description Green Energy produces wood pellets from pine, cajuput, cashew plantations. We are committed with our clients but also with the environment and our communities. Our main goal is to produce a best in class pellets that will improve the quality of life minimizing the impact on the environment.
Specification Price: EXW 2000VND/kg (0.09USD/kg)
Technical characteristics:
, Diameter: 8 mm
, Length: 10-50 mm
, Moisture content: 6-8%
, Ash content: 1.5 to 2%
, Heat output: 4,500 kcal / kg
Quality standards and Certificate by SGS test
Other Description
Why should use wood pellets???
• Low cost cause wood pellets are manufactured from sawdust and shavings
• An easier delivery with small size
• Heating with wood pellets will reduce heating cost and no cause of air pollution
• Easy using and hygiene
• Wood pellets can help users in storage savings
• Wood pellets are not very massive, burn cleaner, is safer and more convenient than coal, fuel, gas and firewood
• Replacing traditional heating method by wood pellets can help users save thousands of dollars per year
• Wood pellets decrease the use of energy available on the planet
• Wood pellets minimize material waste to environment cause no additive using in manufacturing and low rate of ash
• The ash can be ultilized as fertilizer

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