Nano Technology Inc
Item Number Metal Nano Powder Set
Product Name Metal Nano Powder Set
Description Metal Nano Powder Set
Specification OTHER METAL All Couductive Metal - Tungstem(W), Zinc(Zn), Platinum(Pt)

* APS : Average Particle Size
* SSA : Specific Surface Area


Silver(Ag) 25g
Zinc(Zn) 17g
Iron(Fe) 14g
Cobalt(Co) 9g
Copper(Cu) 10g
Stainless Steel(STS304) 11g
Tungsten(W) 67g
Copper-Nickel(Cu-Ni) 13g
Nickel(Ni) 30g
Aluminium(Al) 4g
Safety Approval
Product Features
- Possible to manufacture nano- powders on the spot if inserting the metal wire
- Possible to manufacture powders for all metals, alloys, and metal oxides
- Possible to produce nano-powder for high - melting point metals such as Tungsten (W)
- Possible to control the properties of powder to be manufactured by controlling the atmosphere in the chamber
- High energy efficiency due to the use of pulsed power
- Easy mass production due to high-productivity, low-cost
- Requires no post-treatment process for the removal of impurities due to an eco-friendly process with no by-products
Product Specifications



Electric area Input power 3-phase 220 VAC 30 A
Output voltage ~30kV
Power consumption ~2.5 kW
Pulse energy ~1.5 kJ
Number of pulses per minute ~60 times
Cooling type Air/Oil cooling
Dimensions (WDH)/mm 9008002000
Weight 450kg
Mechanical area Input wire Diameter 0.2 ~ 0.8 mm
Chamber type Complex type
Wire explosion length 80, 140mm
Cooling system Water cooling
Gas used Nitrogen, argon, oxygen
Powder sampling type Trap, cyclone, filter
Dimensions (WDH)/mm 1600 x 700 x 2000
Weight 500kg
Option Cooler, Vacuum Pump, Air Compressor, Dehumidifying Box
Powder specifications Yield (Copper based ) 150g/hr
Average powder size 100nm
Possible kinds of powder All conductive metals

* The specifications are subject to change without notice. The changes in specifications require detailed consultation

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