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Humidifying air purifier MCK55TVM6
The perfect air purification solution with "" Double "" Air Purification Technology: ION Plasma + Streamer only available from Daikin The advanced humidifying function helps protect health and maximum comfort. Electrostatic HEPA filter The highly sensitive sensor can detect dust, PM2.5 and odors Strong air intake with low noise Tower-shaped, sophisticated and compact design. Area: 41 m2. Capacity: 5.5 m3 / min
FujiE AP700 Intelligent Air Purifier
The machine has an innovative Swiss design, integrating up to 6 filtration levels: 1. coarse filtration level, 2. Activated carbon filter level, 3 Korean HEPA filter level H13, 4. UVC level UVC filter Lamp, 5. Level Ionizer filter and 6. Level PCO filter.